The FAQ page has two sections. General and Airborne Saga Specific. If you're unable to find your answer here then please contact me through the About the Author page.


  • Where can I buy your book/s?
    • For all they will be available in digital form at Kindle and Nook. Be wary of any paperbacks floating around. They have no longer been produced and may or may not be legitimate copies. 
  • Can I have a review copy of your book/s?
    • As of now, I am only giving away copies of the Burning series to bloggers. 
  • What are you working on next?
    • Relics of Ash is #2 in the Burning series and should be out early next year. 
  • Where are the legitimate places to find you online?

The Airborne Saga Specific

  • When does the next book come out?
    • The series is complete with three books. I have spoken in a past about a novella, but that has no release date yet. 
  • It’s called the Airborne Saga. How many books will be in the series?
    • Currently there are only three books following Avery's adventures. 
  • What kind of book is Airborne?
    • Airborne is an Urban Fantasy for young adults. It is not a paranormal romance but it does some have romantic themes throughout the book.
  • Will Mason ever get with Avery?
    • I promise Grounded is specifically designed to solve this along with their other adventures!
  • Who did the cover art for Grounded/Windswept?
    • The cover artist is named Judyta and she is found here. The major stock provider for the Grounded cover image is here.
  • Who is the model playing Avery?
    • The new model cast as Avery (Grounded books and forward) is Nichelle Nolan found here
  • Who did the cover art for Airborne?
    • Claudia McKinney found here,