Friday, August 2, 2019

Book Face Lift

It is hard to believe Airborne first came out in 2011. Eight years ago, self publishing was a relatively new thing. The e-book platforms were still in their early stages and the reader tablets were these awful, blocky things.  Eight years ago, I had a Nokia so sturdy that I could beat someone to death with it.
I won't reminisce about those being the days. I will say that much has changed, not only in field of technology but the entire indie publishing world. I recently went to a indie book convention and my jaw dropped at the new things I learned. We were huge. We were everywhere. And we owed all of that to the readers willing to take a risk on us.

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*seriously sentimental now*

Anyways, the world has changed. Paperbacks of my old books are no longer available, unless you snag a preprinted copy floating around out there. It's much more worth it just to download to your phone. We don't have blocky Nokias anymore after all.

I updated the purchase links and locations as I have dropped a few platforms in the past. To my readers, I'm determined to stay "wide" (fancy new term learned at this convention). I will not limit to only one platform to give my readers more choices. I will continue to investigate additional platforms in the future too.

Additionally, I have added all 3 chapters for each book under their respective tabs. I've given Burning in a Memory a new blurb. Oh, and the most exciting thing? A cover and blurb reveal for Relics of Ash.

When I first started, way back in the day, I recall a blog post from Amanda Hocking. She stated something to the effect (and don't quote me here) that a book that called for a sequel must be given a sequel. Reviews, sales, numbers don't matter. It's what is owed to the readers. So yes, Burning is getting another book.

Keep an eye on my twitter for updates concerning the reveal.  Happy Friday!

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