Sunday, March 1, 2015

New cover love

I kept talking about a new Windswept cover and it finally arrived. I love it! Granted I was having trouble putting the title on the cover without covering up the badass picture beneath. Here it is.

This will replace the old cover on every selling platform. So no more of this cover:

My cover artist always does a great job, but I’ve finally learned to stay out of the cover-making process so badass creations (like the new cover) can be made. Her information can be found here.

All this inevitably leads us to the re-release date of the novel. I mentioned before that it’ll have the first chapter of the novella in it, along with a snippet of Burning in a Memory. I know I’ve given some false hope on this before, but the novel is done being tweaked. It’s sitting on my desk waiting for one last read over. So I can affirmatively promise two weeks from here. I still work 60 hours a week at my day job so, unfortunately, weekends are the only time I have to dedicate to the book.
You’ll hear all about the re-release on my twitter so follow me @CSibline. I promise I don’t over tweet so you can get the update without reading through my blog. J