Saturday, January 3, 2015

Windswept Explanation

I owe The Airborne Saga readers an explanation as to Windswept’s temporary absence on the market. I realize some people have been waiting for its re-release— originally scheduled for today. Unfortunately, it’s not going as I expected. I originally pulled the book from the market for some minor tweaking and to redo the cover. I’ve finished with the manuscript. I’ve changed the ending to include the existence of the Airborne Novella coming out later this year. Now I am just waiting for the editing and the cover.

It’s at the tail end of the process so I’m optimistic it won’t be much longer. I apologize it’s taken this long in the first place. I’m being more careful with announcing a firm date, as I’ll post it sooner if I’m able. However, I can promise that when it is posted you will hear about it. My twitter @csibline and this blog will have updates and links.