Monday, October 5, 2015

I can see the light!

This is officially updated. Windswept is out!

 At least on Ebook. Find it here:

The paperback is lagging about two weeks behind, but it'll be out soon. 

Missed the originals?
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Monday, September 7, 2015

Hiatus and such

I’m back from my hiatus…again. It feels like I drop off the web every few months. Every time I do, I hate it. I feel like this has to be the last time. Unfortunately, work never stops for me and I mean my day job—not my writing. Ideally, I wish I had time to quit and focus solely on my books. After all, that’s really how you become successful as an author. But in reality, I have to keep my head above water and my bills paid. Anyone want to chat about student loans? Bleh.
To put it in perspective, an average day I log eleven hours at work, five to six days a week. When I get home, I still have to do basic errands and take care of my monster (dog). They’re not excuses. They’re just the reasons I’ve been so far behind.

So where does that leave us?
Windswept is still coming out. Shortly.
Every time I read through it, I found one more thing I wasn’t happy with and changed. I finally sent it off to be proofread. When I get it back, it’s just a matter of formatting and release.
I won’t wait for some special release date. The second I get it, it’s out. I’ll announce on twitter too.

After Windswept?

Relics of Ash is the sequel to Burning. It’s funny, Relics was half done before Burning was even released. However, Relics won’t be out until next year. I have another project (released under a different pen name) to finish up. It couldn’t be less related and is romance based (seriously!). It sounds crude and hopeless but romance is where the sales are and sales = me cutting back on my day job.
I won’t link the romance to my account here, but after it’s done, Relics is next up.

Now I’ll be making an effort to stay around the web and keeping everyone updated. Thanks for following. <3

Sunday, March 1, 2015

New cover love

I kept talking about a new Windswept cover and it finally arrived. I love it! Granted I was having trouble putting the title on the cover without covering up the badass picture beneath. Here it is.

This will replace the old cover on every selling platform. So no more of this cover:

My cover artist always does a great job, but I’ve finally learned to stay out of the cover-making process so badass creations (like the new cover) can be made. Her information can be found here.

All this inevitably leads us to the re-release date of the novel. I mentioned before that it’ll have the first chapter of the novella in it, along with a snippet of Burning in a Memory. I know I’ve given some false hope on this before, but the novel is done being tweaked. It’s sitting on my desk waiting for one last read over. So I can affirmatively promise two weeks from here. I still work 60 hours a week at my day job so, unfortunately, weekends are the only time I have to dedicate to the book.
You’ll hear all about the re-release on my twitter so follow me @CSibline. I promise I don’t over tweet so you can get the update without reading through my blog. J

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Windswept Update

       This post will be short and sweet!
            Windswept is being re-released in March. This date is final. The book will have a completely new cover, which you’ll see on this blog first. The book will have an excerpt from Burning in a Memory. The book will also have the first chapter of the novella. The Airborne Novella information hasn’t even been released on the blog and it won’t be for a few months yet so this absolutely is the first look.
            That being said, I expect the novella out before the end of this year.

        More details to come. Thank you for your patience. :)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Windswept Explanation

I owe The Airborne Saga readers an explanation as to Windswept’s temporary absence on the market. I realize some people have been waiting for its re-release— originally scheduled for today. Unfortunately, it’s not going as I expected. I originally pulled the book from the market for some minor tweaking and to redo the cover. I’ve finished with the manuscript. I’ve changed the ending to include the existence of the Airborne Novella coming out later this year. Now I am just waiting for the editing and the cover.

It’s at the tail end of the process so I’m optimistic it won’t be much longer. I apologize it’s taken this long in the first place. I’m being more careful with announcing a firm date, as I’ll post it sooner if I’m able. However, I can promise that when it is posted you will hear about it. My twitter @csibline and this blog will have updates and links.