Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Airborne Saga Novella

Everything I’ve been talking about on the web lately has been Burning related. Burning’s sequel, Relics of Ash coming soon…

This post, however, is here to show The Airborne Saga some love. 

Back when Windswept came out, I wrote a post regarding the things that would follow. It is true, there isn’t going to be a fourth book in the saga. I’ve considered it in the past, but everyone’s story has to end eventually. I promised a novella on the series, before Avery was ever in the picture, to fill in the blanks with Jericho and Mikhail. Now I’m here to announce an Avery novella—a follow up to Windswept and all of the answers left hanging there.
The price will be .99 cents and I’ll have a release date shortly. It will be 2015, but I’m expecting early—January or February. Not too far off from Relics of Ash.
In addition to the novella, I’m creating a digital edition of the saga with all Airborne books (and soon to be novella) in one. This will reduce the price of the individual books. This will have its own, individual cover, but will not be a different book from what’s already on the market.
Windswept will also be getting a new cover eventually.

When it’s closer to release date, I’ll post specific details. Hold on Avery and Mason fans. Won’t be too much longer now!