Saturday, February 8, 2014

Book Reveal: Burning in a Memory

It feels like forever since I last came out with a book. Windswept was released last February, a year ago now, so I guess it has been forever. I’m finally ready to start churning out books again and updating my website to accommodate them. So for my next trick?

Curiosity killed the cat, and nineteen-year-old Adelaide was next. She could barely remember the moments during her childhood when she knew magic existed, but she never stopped searching for it since. On the flip-side, monsters from the magical world never stopped searching for her either. Their paths finally cross in time for Adelaide to realize she should have stayed on the human side of the east coast. Unlike college, she can’t get out of trouble with a cute smile and a cuter wardrobe. These monsters are out for blood, her blood, but she’s in luck. They will spare her life in exchange for one favor, and that favor is named Leon Colton.

It a modern day urban fantasy, somewhere YA and Adult Fiction, and is not associated with the Airborne Saga. It’s drama, action, and romance based. The beautiful cover art was done by the same artist as the last two Airborne Saga covers. Her information can be found under my FAQ. The first chapter will be up sometime in the next month. I will announce on my twitter (@CSibline) the following dates. Tap the follow me icon in the corner to keep up to date. And remember to add it to your Goodreadsaccount!