Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Projects and Book Conventions

I've always been skeptical about people who write multiple books at one time. Specifically, I’ve heard of it being done but I always figured it must be very difficult. When you write third person limited or first person, you’re walking around in your protagonist’s head. So how could you jump from head to head so quickly?
Well, I must admit I've recently started this. I’m working on my two (unnamed) projects at once and have gotten about a third of the way through on both. I switch from one book to the next without any rhyme or reason behind it. Not only have I found this not to be difficult, I have found it to be quite liberating.

If I am temporarily stumped on one, I can switch to the other. This makes me feel like I’m managing my time better, and lets me think about different plot lines. This method saves me from wasting time, and saves me from writing induced boredom. Why haven’t I done this before?

I should note this might be easy because of the nature of these two books. One is urban fantasy while the other is contemporary fiction. Both protagonists are very different people with very different back stories. It’s very hard to confuse their voices or their worlds.

So in short, I’d recommend this method to anyone it could help.

In other news, I should mention I had a great time at Book Bash Orlando convention.
I posted it on my twitter, but I wasn't there to sign books. It was a romance convention, and we all know how little romance I write. I met several lovely authors/indies that are out there paving the way. This included Jessica Redmerski (who used to be with me on the Dark Horse Indie project which has since shut down).
This link will take you to her site where she posted a picture of us at the fair.

On the subject of indies being successful, I’m going to another similar convention. This one is called the Indie BookFest. You guessed it, it’s specifically for indies. I’m not signing at this one either, but I will be there to support my colleagues. If you’re an indie lover that's going to be in the Orlando, Florida area: GO!

I’ll eventually start going to conventions as an author, but I feel like I need to first finish the major things going on in my life right now. In less than a year, I graduate. In less than a year, I expect my next novel to be coming out (if not novels). I can't wait!