Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fan Based Feature?

So I haven’t been posting much but I finally have something cool to show off.

A lovely fan sent me the following photos. For those who can’t recognize the area instantly, she’d taken them in Alaska. Her interpretation of where Airborne took place but with the book front and center in the photo too! This is kind of awesome and ironic because while the story takes place in Alaska, most of the people who read the book live anywhere but Alaska.

Maybe it’s a good thing. People don’t call me out on my sketchy descriptions of the place J

So here they are…

Anyways, so here's my idea for you guys.
If anyone else lives or is visiting an different location with the book, send me a photo like the ones above and I might do a feature. It doesn't have to be a location from the book, just a location that is specific to the city (your home town or not).

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