Monday, July 4, 2011

The only places to find me

Hi guys.
It’s not quite cover reveal time yet but I do have some important things to add. Apparently I’ve become relevant. Okay I know that sounds strange, but my name seems to be popping up everywhere on the web so I’d like to make some things clear.
The only places you will find me are the following:
My home blog (
Dark-Horse-Indie (
Goodreads (
And Twitter (@CSibline)

The only places you should see my books for sale/sample download are the following:
Barnes and Noble
There may be resellers on these sites but you will not find a legitimate sample download if not on these sites. I know everyone is internet savvy now a days but I will warn you guys to beware of false sellers ESPECIALLY if they offer a signed copy. I have sent out a few signed copies but more likely than not, you’ll be getting a fake.
If you’d like your copy signed or personalized, just contact me via email. I’d be honored to do it and you’ll know it’s absolutely legitimate.

Of course, you’ll see a few interviews of me and those you can typically find in the Highlights box. Now come follow me at twitter!

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